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Want to work in sports? Our course offers over 56 modules about all things NIL, Brand Deals and Legislation. We've started working with some of the largest universities in the country and are excited to start helping you get NIL BLUEPRINT you need to succeed!

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Over 56+ Modules

Up to date content 

Our course has over 5 hours of content and is kept up to date.  We add content every month to keep up with the always cNIL landscape. 

Custom Case Studies

Teach what matters

We are constantly updating our library of cases.  We have helped universities create state content along with custom school content

White labeled solutions

Use our technology to scale

Pick and choose which modules matter most to you. As you develop your custom course use our platform to create the most cutting edge content


This course will level up your NIL game and take you to the next phase of your journey whether you're a student-athlete, parent of a student-athlete, brand looking to partner with student-athletes, or student looking to establish a career in sports.

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  • History of Name, Image and Likeness
  • How to work with athletes 
  • Much more
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NIL Certification Course


  • What Events Led to the July 1st, 2021 Changes
  • 2024 Congressional Hearing updates 
  • State by State walk through
  • Tax implications and what to watch out for
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