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The July 1st, 2021 NIL changes revolutionized what it meant it to be a college athlete, parent, and fan of the game.  The CleanKonnect NIL Course will walk you through the history of NIL, relevant data points, and the future of the NIL landscape.

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Want to maximize their NIL opportunities


Athletes have had their world turned on its head since July 2021.  Much confusion still exists about what NIL activities are and are not permissible, if high schoolers can make money from NIL, and how athletes can outreach to brands they interested in working with.  


Want to get in front of Gen Z audiences


Brands are used to having strategic NIL partnerships with athletes.  But working with college-athletes is an entirely different beast than working with professional athletes. 

Future NIL Experts

Want to differentiate themselves for careers in sports


Truly understanding the ins and outs of NIL can be a key differentiator in landing a job in the sports industry.


Becoming an NIL expert is hard. The landscape is still in its infancy and the NCAA is still operating with an interim policy. This course includes the ins and outs of real world NIL education and brand partnerships from the first year of NIL.

This course will level up your NIL game and take you to the next phase of your journey whether you're a student-athlete, parent of a student-athlete, brand looking to partner with student-athletes, or student looking to establish a career in sports.

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  • Understanding Your Social Following, Reach and Personal Brand Equity
  • Content Production Tips
  • Four out of 30+ Modules Included
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NIL Certification Course


  • What Events Led to the July 1st, 2021 Changes
  • How to start making money NOW
  • Ways to work with leading brands
  • Tax implications and what to watch out for
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Division I NIL Director

"A fantastically efficient way to level up your knowledge about the NIL landscape in one stop."

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