Flau'jae Johnson Explores the Boundless Potential of NIL

flau'jae johnson lsu name image likeness nil Jul 07, 2023

Flau'jae Johnson's meteoric rise in both basketball and the music industry has captivated audiences and showcased her extraordinary talents. While her accomplishments on the basketball court at LSU as a freshman have garnered attention, Flau'jae's journey began years earlier when she emerged as a standout on the reality TV show "The Rap Gamein 2017 at just 13 years old.

Although basketball has been a significant part of Flau'jae's life, her passion for music has always burned brightly. In 2020, she signed with Roc Nation, Jay-Z's renowned record label, and released her album "On My Own", amassing an impressive following on platforms like Spotify, with over 76 thousand monthly listeners. She has collaborated with well known artists like Lil Baby and Boosie Badazz.

flau'jae johnson rap game

Even before her college career, Flau'jae recognized the importance of balancing her rap and basketball aspirations. Her decision to join LSU was influenced by the university's support for her music career, providing her with access to recording studios right from the start. The choice proved advantageous, not only for her artistic endeavors but also from a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) perspective.

Flau'jae's immense popularity, boasting 1.5 million Instagram followers and an estimated NIL valuation of $800k, made her a sought-after figure in the NIL landscape. Leveraging her platform, she secured lucrative deals with renowned brands like JBL, Taco Bell,  and Raising Cane's,

Just last month signed a partnership with LeBron James and Uninterrupted.  Uninterrupted is a very versatile brand, and features “branded and social media content, products and apparel. That includes ‘The Shop’, a conversational, unscripted series that streams on HBO.”  A couple weeks ago, Flau’jae was promoting Settlemier’s Jackets in a Twitter post for Uninterrupted. Flau'jae's impressive presence in the NIL realm only further enhances her reputation as one of the most prominent and rising stars in the NIL industry.


While her achievements in both basketball and music are undeniably impressive, Flau'jae's ambitions soar even higher. Her ultimate goal is to play in the WNBA while also establishing her own record label, blending her passions for music and basketball seamlessly. As Flau'jae's image continues to rise, keep an eye on her, as she embodies the boundless possibilities that NIL brings to athletes' lives!

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