Revisiting the Jalen Rashada Saga

collective jaden rashada name image likeness nil Jun 23, 2023

Earlier this month former Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer expressed his major concerns about NIL Collectives.  The ensuing discord on this topic prompted us to dive into a previous hot button NIL topic that exposed some problems with NIL and Collectives in college sports. 

On December 21, 2022, Jaden Rashada, the sixth-ranked high school quarterback in the country, made a significant announcement that brought joy to Gator nation. He committed to the University of Florida, initially choosing the school over the University of Miami. However, less than a month later, on January 20, 2023, Rashada decommitted from Florida and ultimately committed to Arizona State. This unusual flip-flopping of schools raised questions about what exactly happened with Rashada.

Rashada's commitment saga sheds light on a potential issue within the college sports recruiting landscape, specifically related to Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals. Prior to his commitment, Rashada signed a deal with The Gator Collective, a group loosely associated with the University. The agreement stipulated a $13.8 million payout for Rashada if he chose to attend the University of Florida. However, after accepting the deal, the Collective backed out, leading Rashada to announce his decommitment.

gator collective

The first issue that surfaced regarding this deal was on the agent side. Rashada's agents, a sophomore at SMU and a 22-year-old real estate salesman, lacked experience in representing NIL endeavors. Their lack of expertise led them to accept a contract with a free termination clause. Consequently, due to Rashada's inadequate representation, he signed a letter of intent with Florida, only for the Collective to renege on the deal without facing any consequences. It is crucial for athletes, especially high-profile ones, to hire proper representation to avoid such instances.

The second issue was related to the school's reputation. Rashada's decision to back out of his deal with Florida proved to be an embarrassment for the University and the now-defunct Gator Collective. Analysts have labeled the Rashada saga as "the biggest failure of NIL," The University of Florida supported the Gator Collective, and the Collective entered into an agreement with Rashada without having the funds to fulfill it. This not only reflects poorly on the University as a whole but also on Florida's athletic department and head coach Billy Napier, who ultimately lost one of the top recruits in the country.

So, what happened to the Gator Collective after their significant blunder? In April 2023, CEO Eddie Rojas stepped down, and all of the Collective's assets were sold to a new initiative called Florida Victorious. Florida Victorious aims to be a more centralized Collective, with a non-profit wing as well. Furthermore, the Collective has a completely new leadership group that intends to put the Rashada saga behind them.

florida victorious

Overall, the Jaden Rashada era in Florida raised concerns about the early NIL landscape and highlighted potential issues within the relationship between Collectives, schools, and athletes. However, Florida is making strong efforts to move forward, and focus on the new and improved Florida Victorious Collective.

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