The Livvy Fund at LSU

livvy dunne livvy fund lsu name iamge likeness nil Jul 23, 2023

Just a few days after revealing she made $500,000 for a single social media post, Livvy Dunne has announced the launch of the Livvy Fund at LSU. This partnership with LSU collective Bayou Traditions will connect female athletes with top brands to secure NIL endorsement deals.

When interviewed by Sports Illustrated, Livvy said, “I really just hope that [The Livvy Fund] is the first of many.  I really hope to get as many women student athletes on board as I can. I want to continue to elevate women’s sports as a whole because they really deserve the same publicity as the men’s. We do equal work, we put in equal time in our facilities every day and in school, so I feel like it would be right for this to be equal.” 

With two-thirds of the funds raised by Collectives going to male athletes, Livvy Dunne is making an investment toward shifting some Collective revenue back toward female athletes. Dunne is in a unique position to empower female student athletes to take full advantage of their NIL because of the platform she’s built, and she wants to teach other female athletes the skills to become successful businesswomen. 

Beyond the brands that will be supporting the Livvy Fund, individual supporters and fans are able to make one-time or recurring donations that will be specifically paid to LSU’s female athletes. However, in the future, Dunne hopes to expand the program to include other universities to support female athletes around the country. 

With the current state of NIL collectives, female athletes are seriously underserved. As of January of 2023, only 34% of NIL collectives had offered compensation to women’s athletics programs. With programs like the Livvy Fund led by such prominent NIL figures like Livvy Dunne, this should help rebalance the NIL landscape to become more equitable for all student-athletes.   

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