Paige Bueckers Partners With Ibotta

ibotta name image likeness nil paige bueckers Jun 28, 2023

Last week UConn basketball star and NIL superstar Paige Bueckers announced yet another NIL deal, adding on to her already ridiculously impressive NIL resume. This time, it’s with Ibotta, a digital rewards platform. According to its website, Ibotta allows users to earn free cash back when shopping at certain grocery, electronic, and clothing stores. So far, Ibotta has paid out more than $1.2 billion dollars to over 40 million users since 2012 in rewards.


This batch of deals in June signified Ibotta’s first female collegiate athlete collaboration, and it has also partnered with other notable female athletes including Michigan track and field star Riley Ammenhauser, Arkansas sprinter Britton Wilson, and Florida shortstop Skylar Wallace.

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Ibotta’s goal is for these athletes to create a series of “Fridge Raider” videos where athletes show how much money they can save by using Ibotta.

Bueckers, who is also known for being extremely selective in deciding which NIL deals to take on, said “All of [her and Ibotta’s] values fit. Everything aligned perfectly in what we wanted to accomplish and make a priority. That's to help families and kids, and helping give back to the community. That was obviously a perfect fit. And obviously, Ibotta was investing in women athletes, and I’m proud to be part of that group and have a partnership with them. We share a lot of the same ideals.” 

In the NIL space, Bueckers has previously established partnerships with Gatorade, StockX, and Chegg.  She was the first collegiate athlete to partner with Gatorade and the first student-athlete for Chegg.

This new NIL agreement with Ibotta adds to Buecker’s already very impressive NIL portfolio. According to On3, Bueckers has a $736,000 NIL valuation, with only three athletes with a higher NIL valuation than her. Her remarkable on court performances and off court personality have launched her into the spotlight, allowing for many opportunities in the NIL space.  

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